spunk no. 10

Spunk 10 cover

$9 + $2 shipping & handling

cover: Allyson Anne Lamb, Cattelize, archival inkjet print

contributors: Mike Albo, Carlos Aponte, Elise Boularan, Paul Caranicas, Walt Cassidy, Fabrice Cazenave, Aaron Cobbett, Luca Jacob Cogas, Anthony DiCapua, Mac Folkes, Robert Fontanelli, Benjamin Fredrickson, Judit García-Talavera, Simen Johan, Eric Johnson, Julià Panadès Julià, Naruki Kukita, Allyson Anne Lamb, Eddie Lucas, Marsorama, Enrico Nagel, Mike Nolan, Mel Odom, Alexis Penney, Nicholas A. Prakas, Harvey Redding, Miguel Angel Reyes, Socatoba, AB Soto, Emma Tapley, Diego Terros, Debby Thijs, Aaron Tilford, Boris Torres, Christopher J. Williams, Kari Zinser

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

48 black and white pages + full color cover, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, edition of 500

Spunk 10 spread 25

contents: art by Carlos Aponte (Untitled), Elise Boularan (Squelette Nu; Territories), Paul Caranicas (Background 127A), Walt Cassidy (The Blossoming Cage (Juliana, Vasa, Jordano)), Fabrice Cazenave (Un Mensonge Répété Mille Fois Finit par Prendre les Apparences d’Une Vérité 3), Aaron Cobbett (Nick Sterling Bound), Luca Jacob Cogas (Khaos (Proceeds Through the Laws of Nature); Nukpana), Anthony DiCapua (Chopped & Screwed; N/A), Robert Fontanelli (Lawn Furniture Versus Interior Design; No Trucking Way), Benjamin Fredrickson (Jesse; Nick), Judit García-Talavera (Carole Lombard; Untitled), Simen Johan (Untitled #159; Untitled #178), Eric Johnson (Untitled; Untitled), Julià Panadès Julià (Holes), Naruki Kukita (Picnic; XOXO), Allyson Anne Lamb (Cattelize; Sexy Beast), Eddie Lucas (The Birth of Olympia; Orpheus), Marsorama (Untitled), Enrico Nagel (Hands in the Dark; Utopia #4), Mike Nolan (AngelShark2 (Amanda); Waves3), Mel Odom (Passion Flower), Nicholas A. Prakas (Lost Unicorn (Pelion, Greece)), Harvey Redding (I Should Have Never Called You), Miguel Angel Reyes (Rodrigo), Socatoba (Animal’s Darkness X; Animal’s Darkness XIV), Emma Tapley (Inverted Treescape II), Diego Terros (Nico), Debby Thijs (Untitled; Untitled), Boris Torres (Shooter), Christopher J. Williams (Brace), Kari Zinser (Untitled); writing by Aaron Tilford (“Design for Living”) includes interviews with Mike Albo, Mac Folkes, and Alexis Penney; pin-up AB Soto (photo by Aaron Cobbett).


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  1. […] celebration of Spunk [arts] Magazine’s upcoming 10th issue, Royal Advisor Records has teamed up with LA rapper AB Soto to bring you “Queen Daddy” […]

  2. […] SPUNK NO.10 will sell for $9 and is a limited edition of 500. […]

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