spunk no. 11 [ANOTHER WORLD]

spunk no. 11 [ANOTHER WORLD]

cover: Elliott Green, Laughing Smoke (detail), oil on linen

contributors: Ron Amato, Darren Ankenbauer, Rachel Ankney, Sarah Baghdadi, Gilles Balmet, Mia Beach, Ed Bernstein, John Berry, Sam Bodenstein, Dietmar Busse, Tom Cardamone, Daniel Carson, Fabrice Cazenave, Rob Clarke, Aaron Cobbett, Gerald Collings, Steve Cox, Cute Brute, François-Henri Galland, Elliott Green, Hank Hudson, Simen Johan, Robert Kingsley, Naruki Kukita, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Anne Lamb, Yeni Mao, Thomas March, Chris McFarland, Lucas Michael, Sito Mújica, Gabrielle Muller, Enrico Nagel, Federico Nessi, Nik O Nik, Luca Gaetano Pira, Joe Radoccia, Carmine Santaniello, Robert Smith, Socatoba, Debby Thijs, Boris Torres, Julie van der Vaart, Mat Whiteley

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

88 black and white pages + full color cover, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, edition of 300

contents: art by Ron Amato (Jeff; Tim), Darren Ankenbauer (Andre in Shadow; Fading Flora), Rachel Ankney (Money Shot; Pressure Self Portrait), Sarah Baghdadi (Paul and Joyce), Gilles Balmet (Silver Mountains), Mia Beach (Some Days Her Walls Disappear Entirely; We Live With a Feeling of Mutual Fear), Ed Bernstein (Lights Out), John Berry (Danger Clouds in Picnic Park; Summit), Sam Bodenstein (Choice & Consequence), Dietmar Busse (21st Century Saint), Fabrice Cazenave (Paysage Aveugle; Paysage Aveugle (Blind Landscape)), Rob Clarke (Donkeyboy), Aaron Cobbett (Quiles; Stanley), Gerald Collings (Life’s a Hot Dog; Totem), Steve Cox (Study of a Young Man; Untitled, from the series A Short History of Sexual Perversion), Cute Brute (Caribooty; Bunny; Sweater Weather), François-Henri Galland (Untitled), Elliott Green (Laughing Smoke), Hank Hudson (Drew (Al); Little Joe; Nick (Joey); Nude 2; Nude 4; Roy (Rock)), Simen Johan (Untitled #181), Robert Kingsley (The Bathers), Naruki Kukita (The Back of the Head), Scott Ramsay Kyle (All Blue; For Peto XXX), Anne Lamb (Monster; Worms), Yeni Mao (Temujin/Bortei), Chris McFarland (In Memorandum; We Went Sledding), Lucas Michael (Still Life (LM Squared) Nos. 2, 3 & 5), Sito Mújica (Captura de Pantalla 2016-04-18 a las 21.41.18), Gabrielle Muller (Carebear Cousin; Space Mother), Enrico Nagel (Darklands; Relaxing at Darklands), Federico Nessi (New Composite 2), Nik O Nik (I Want You to Suck My Big Dick, I Want You to Lick My Balls), Luca Gaetano Pira (Untitled, from the series Khaos), Joe Radoccia (Jason), Carmine Santaniello (Untitled Youth #1), Socatoba (Animal’s Darkness), Debby Thijs (Self), Boris Torres (Tarzan), Julie van der Vaart (Untitled, from the series Spleen; Untitled, from the series Wander), Mat Whiteley (Cinderello Barnacle; Orgasm); writing by Tom Cardamone (“Some Nights in Kyoto”), Daniel Carson (“Summer of Prince”), Thomas March (“Room for a Dick”), and Robert Smith (“Yardstars”).


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