spunk no. 03 [THE LOVE ISSUE]

$5 + $2 shipping & handling

cover: Jordan Crane, low mood with a loose rail, paint on paper

contributors: William A. Arbizu, Eve Batey, Craig Coffee, Jordan Crane, Inigo Elizalde, Robert Fontanelli, Chris Forbes, Samantha Gwinn, Jim Halterman, Regina Landi, Mark Lindsey, Maggie, Aaron Tilford, Elizabeth White, John D. Young, Sarah Vivienne York, Cyn. Zarco

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

32 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, black and white, self-cover, edition of 575

The Love Issue, contents: art by William A. Arbizu (Dancer (Seated)), Jordan Crane (low mood with a loose rail; toaster oven and a gas leak), Inigo Elizalde (Untitled), Robert Fontanelli (Hustler Dresser), Chris Forbes (Living Room from the series Spaces), Mark Lindsey (Hip Hop), Elizabeth White (Christopher in New York), Sarah Vivienne York (two Untitled from the series awe is the salve that will heal our eyes); interview with David LaChapelle by Cyn. Zarco (“On the Road with David LaChapelle,” with photos); writings by Eve Batey (“Writing Porn: The Best Move I Ever Made”), Craig Coffee (“First Love,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford), Samantha Gwinn (“Juvenile Love,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford), Jim Halterman (“Art & 90210”), Regina Landi (“Found Photographs: Part I,” with photos), Maggie (“Girl Love,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford), Aaron Tilford (“Shhhhh!: Inspiration in Miles’s In a Silent Way”), John D. Young (“Secret Love,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford); and pin-up Alison (photo by Elizabeth White).


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