spunk no. 04

$5 + $2 shipping & handling

cover: found photograph from the collection of Regina Landi

contributors: William A. Arbizu, Marc Cartwright, Diana Chery, Jordan Crane, Robert Fontanelli, Chris Forbes, Wesley Harvey, Meg Kearney, Regina Landi, Michael Lichter, Mark Lindsey, Maggie, Jayson Arthur McCauliff, Tom Perdew, Paul Ringhoff, Melissa A. Scheetz, Aaron Tilford, Elizabeth White, John D. Young, Sarah Vivienne York, Kari Zinser

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

32 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, black and white, self-cover, edition of 500

contents: art by William A. Arbizu (Bosch Power Tool; Figure), Marc Cartwright (Untitled from the series Cowboy), Jordan Crane (crunch, and then quiet), Robert Fontanelli (Lance/Eames Delusion), Chris Forbes (Untitled Self-Portrait), Wesley Harvey (Grandma’s Breasts), Michael Lichter (Little Girl), Maggie (Heart Space), Jayson Arthur McCauliff (Glee from the series Prescriptions), Paul Ringhoff (Untitled), Melissa A. Scheetz (Untitled), Sarah Vivienne York (Untitled from the series even when the earth sleeps we travel); writings by Diana Chery (“Miranda Desnuda: II Parte,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford), Regina Landi (“Found Photographs: Part II,” with photos), Mark Lindsey (“I Love Soft Rock,” with illustrations), Tom Perdew (“Three Ring Opera: How I Learned to Love The War”), Aaron Tilford (“Reflections on Russ: Confessions of a Closet Tit-Man”), John D. Young (“In Between Panels: An Appreciation of David Mack’s Kabuki,” with illustration by Aaron Tilford), Kari Zinser (“Kodachrome: My Epiphany with Rodchenko”); poem by Meg Kearney (“Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Look Like Cher?”); and pin-up Dustin (photo by Elizabeth White).


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