spunk no. 05


cover: Carlos Aponte, Untitled, ink on paper

contributors: Carlos Aponte, Biel Carpenter, Fabrice Cazenave, Delphine Delas, Eferno, Famous When Dead, Robert Fontanelli, Chris Forbes, Wesley Harvey, Glen Johnson, Regina Landi, John-Mark Lapham, Leonis, Mark Lindsey, Michael Marino, Joe Marohl, Sito Mújica, Federico Nessi, Richard Peralta, Marco Pezzotta, Andrea Pritschow, Socatoba, Aaron Tilford, Mark Vessey, Sarah Vivienne York, Michael Young, Petrito Zezus

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

32 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, black and white, self-cover, edition of 300

contents: art by Carlos Aponte (Untitled; Untitled), Biel Carpenter (Dancing Girl; Twiggy), Fabrice Cazenave (untitled/self-fiction), Delphine Delas (Homme Feuille), Eferno (untitled – sygnes), Famous When Dead (Faceless), Robert Fontanelli (Guillermo with Breuer Table), Chris Forbes (Absolution of Self; Untitled), Wesley Harvey (The Secret Keepers), Regina Landi (Untitled), John-Mark Lapham (Discarded Animals 1, 2 & 3), Leonis (Untitled), Michael Marino (koo-PRESS-us), Sito Mújica (Brooks-Paul Sepuya from the series Copiadas), Federico Nessi (He Dreamt The Day Away), Richard Peralta (Age of Loneliness), Marco Pezzotta (I am (in) a mountain), Andrea Pritschow (hp-14b), Socatoba (Dura Belleza (Hard Beauty); Disparame (Just Shoot Me)), Mark Vessey (Friendly Society), Sarah Vivienne York (Untitled), Michael Young (Untitled), Petrito Zezus (Blossomed Cherry Trees, Like My Hopes, Like My Dreams; Pissing in the Kitchen); writings by Glen Johnson (“Fun City”), Mark Lindsey (dream “Yoko Appears”), Joe Marohl (“Man’s Man”), Aaron Tilford (“My Stoned Age,” “Cheating on de Kooning,” dream “A Graceful Landing”); and pin-up Yeriel (photo by Aaron Tilford).


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