spunk no. 06

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cover: Exterface, Playgirl #19 (Model: Justino Esteves), photograph

contributors: Carlos Aponte, Biel Carpenter, Fabrice Cazenave, Delphine Delas, Eferno, Justino Esteves, Exterface, Famous When Dead, Robert Fontanelli, Judit García-Talavera, Ron Gordon, Wesley Harvey, Philip Jaan, Simen Johan, Julià Panadès Julià, Regina Landi, John-Mark Lapham, Leonis, Mark Lindsey, Michael Marino, Futoshi Miyagi, Sito Mújica, Federico Nessi, Bruce New, Socatoba, Stephen Scott Smith, John Stanley, Aaron Tilford, Thierry Tillier, André Uerba, Sarah Vivienne York, Austin Young, Petrito Zezus, Paul Zone

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

36 pages, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, black and white, self-cover, edition of 350

contents: art by Carlos Aponte (Untitled), Biel Carpenter (Poetry), Fabrice Cazenave (relaps), Delphine Delas (Bears), Eferno (Untitled from the series emetsygnes/swanwar), Justino Esteves (Dreaming Fugitive), Exterface (Playgirl #19 (Model: Justino Esteves); Flamingo #06 (Model: Ludovic Canot)), Famous When Dead (The Day I Failed to Notice), Robert Fontanelli (Jonathan(RocheBobois)), Judit García-Talavera (Untitled), Ron Gordon (Hunched Figure), Wesley Harvey (Creamers), Philip Jaan (I’m Over Him), Simen Johan (Untitled #135 from the series Until the Kingdom Comes), Julià Panadès Julià (Ideal), Regina Landi (Kurt Waldheim with Cookie Jar), John-Mark Lapham (In the Mouth of Badness), Leonis (America), Mark Lindsey (On E, An Abstract Resting Figure), Michael Marino (barceloneta), Futoshi Miyagi (Stranger #6), Sito Mújica (saverio cardia from the series Philomythés/Mitomani), Federico Nessi (White Light/White Heat), Bruce New (Nail-Biter), Stephen Scott Smith (ge6), Socatoba (Niña Rinoceronte), John Stanley (Basement Bar Urinal), Thierry Tillier (Untitled), André Uerba (Untitled from the series All the Same), Sarah Vivienne York (City Shake), Austin Young (‘Oh Deer’ Jackie Beat), Petrito Zezus (Pure Light From Above), Paul Zone (Lance Loud & Carol Channing’s Autograph); writings by Robert Fontanelli (“Ready To Hang”), Regina Landi (dream “A Warm Bath”), Mark Lindsey (dream “Technicolor”), Federico Nessi (“I Am Losing”), Aaron Tilford (“Blood: Parts I & II,” dream “Shower Scene”); and pin-up Georgi (photo by Aaron Tilford).


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