spunk no. 07.5 [EXPOSED SPUNK]

$8 + $2 shipping & handling

EXPOSED: SPUNK for the BLACK PARTY EXPO [aka Spunk no.7.5]

cover: Aaron Cobbett, Miki Bound, photograph

contributors: Carlos Aponte, Frank Boulanger, Nick Burd, Fabrice Cazenave, Margaret Cho, Aaron Cobbett, Robert Fontanelli, Cauro Hige, Philip Jaan, Jiraiya, William Johnson, Marsorama, Enrico Nagel, Tatsuya Naoki, Chuck Nitzberg, Miguel Angel Reyes, Robert W. Richards, Mauricio A. Rodriguez, Dan Romer, Christopher Schulz, Kenya Shimizu, Socatoba, Lars Stephan, Gengoroh Tagame, Aaron Tilford, Thierry Tillier, Austin Young

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

52 pages + cover, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, full color, with ads, editorial, and BPX information, edition of 7,500

contents: art by Carlos Aponte (Untitled), Frank Boulanger (Cagoule (I)), Fabrice Cazenave (Sans Titre (Wild Self-Portrait)), Aaron Cobbett (Miki Bound; Louis at Home), Robert Fontanelli (Daddy Table), Cauro Hige (Wooden Horses in a Quiet Room), Philip Jaan (Keen as Steel (Jordan)), Jiraiya (Lying-Man), Marsorama (San Andrea), Enrico Nagel (Dominik; André), Tatsuya Naoki (Dozing), Chuck Nitzberg (Snake; André; Jon), Miguel Angel Reyes (Jimaye), Robert W. Richards (Soleful), Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Ana 8), Dan Romer (Prometheus Awaits), Christopher Schulz (Mopping is Stealing No.71; Mopping is Stealing No.95), Kenya Shimizu (A Master and His Page), Socatoba (La Santa Orgía (The Holy Orgy); Ella es Comida, La Comida es Ella (It is Food, Food is It); Maria), Lars Stephan (Self October #3), Gengoroh Tagame (Ginjiro (On Knees in Bondage on Japanese Kimono)), Thierry Tillier (No Title); writings by Nick Burd (“The Underground Three”), William Johnson (“We All Bottoms”), Aaron Tilford (“Strike One”); and pin-up Margaret Cho (photo by Austin Young).


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