spunk no. 08

$9 + $2 shipping & handling

cover: Austin Young, Portrait of Katie Newcom, photograph

contributors: Ricardo Abreu, Carlos Aponte, Daniel Bilbrey, Frank Boulanger, Elise Boularan, Paul Caranicas, Fabrice Cazenave, Aaron Cobbett, Jimi Dams, Ricky Day, Evripidis and His Tragedies, John Findysz, Robert Fontanelli, Roy Garrett, Kristian Hoffman, Glen Johnson, Joseph Keckler, Little Shiva, Zachari Logan, Colleen Longo, Marsorama, Frank J. Miles, Sito Mújica, Enrico Nagel, Federico Nessi, Ninaboy, Chuck Nitzberg, Joe Oppedisano, Paco y Manolo, Justine Reyes, Robert W. Richards, Mauricio A. Rodriguez, Dan Romer, Christopher Schulz, Socatoba, Lars Stephan, Richard Taddei, Emma Tapley, Thierry Tillier, André Uerba, Austin Young, Petrito Zezus

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

36 black and white pages + full color cover, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, edition of 400

contents: art by Ricardo Abreu (How To Stand Still, from the series Dandies), Carlos Aponte (Untitled), Daniel Bilbrey (Late in the Afternoon (Alone), Brooklyn, 2010), Frank Boulanger (My Teens #1), Elise Boularan (FEmâle #2), Paul Caranicas (Ozone 11 (NYC Meat Market)), Fabrice Cazenave (Chimère), Aaron Cobbett (Moniere in Leopard), Jimi Dams (A Scream In The Darkness Searching; In Heaven (Everything is Fine) IV), Ricky Day (Shorty Miz), Evripidis and His Tragedies (Island of Lost Souls), John Findysz (Untitled (Rodney)), Robert Fontanelli (Zaha Hadid Sofa vs. Sofa), Glen Johnson (Jardins de Luxembourg), Little Shiva (What Remains), Zachari Logan (Burkah), Colleen Longo (Daisy, Washington, DC, 2008), Marsorama (Untitled), Sito Mújica (“Mikus” Saverio Cardia), Enrico Nagel (Behind), Federico Nessi (Tenth Diptych), Ninaboy (Legs), Chuck Nitzberg (Mike), Joe Oppedisano (Untitled), Paco y Manolo (David y Rodi #1; David y Rodi #2), Justine Reyes (Still Life with Banana, Purse and Change, from the series Vanitas), Robert W. Richards (Shoe-In), Mauricio A. Rodriguez (B.P.D 1), Dan Romer (Nyell), Christopher Schulz (Mopping No. 63), Socatoba (My Father’s Dream), Lars Stephan (Self September #3), Richard Taddei (Brian 1), Thierry Tillier (Le Collectionneur Comme Allégorien, Détail), André Uerba (Untitled, from the series Accumulation), Austin Young (Portrait of Katie Newcom), Petrito Zezus (Pop!); interview with Robert W. Richards about Roy Garrett by Frank J. Miles (“Hot Rod Poet”); writings by Carlos Aponte (“Growing Up Ross”), Roy Garrett (six poems), Kristian Hoffman (dream “Subprime Realty”), Joseph Keckler (“Andragon”); pin-up Emma Tapley wearing Furniture Clothes by Robert Fontanelli (photo by Robert Fontanelli).


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