spunk no. 09


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cover: Enrico Nagel, Second Sight #1, mixed media on found magazine cutting

contributors: Elise Boularan, Paul Caranicas, Rick Castro, Fabrice Cazenave, Aaron Cobbett, Ricky Day, Delphine Delas, Robert Fontanelli, Colton Ford, Roy Garrett, Gio Black Peter, Rory Golden, Dan Halm, Cauro Hige, Scott Hug, Simen Johan, William Johnson, Scooter LaForge, Regina Landi, Colleen Longo, Marsorama, Sito Mújica, Enrico Nagel, Federico Nessi, Chuck Nitzberg, Mike Nolan, Paco y Manolo, Claudio Parentela, Miguel Angel Reyes, Robert W. Richards, Mauricio A. Rodriguez, Dan Romer, Christopher Schulz, Socatoba, Max Steele, Emma Tapley, Aaron Tilford, Thierry Tillier, George Towne, Petrito Zezus

edited, curated & designed by Aaron Tilford

48 black and white pages + full color cover, 5.5 by 8.5 inches, edition of 400


contents: art by Elise Boularan (Derière), Paul Caranicas (FIT (Ross)/Bizarre Sex 6.2011), Rick Castro (The Invisible Man Smokes), Fabrice Cazenave (Blind Self Portrait), Aaron Cobbett (Scott), Ricky Day (Bry’nt, from the series A Portrait of The Life), Delphine Delas (Meteorites), Robert Fontanelli (BluDot Sofa; Eames Chair as Burlesque Star), Gio Black Peter (Little Sparrow (On His Side), from the series Possession; Little Sparrow (On My Bed), from the series Possession), Rory Golden (from the series Flowers for the God of Love), Dan Halm (Untitled (Andy)), Cauro Hige (Are You All Right?; Just a Smoke), Scott Hug (The Rise of…), Simen Johan (Untitled #169, from the series Until the Kingdom Comes), Scooter LaForge (Darby Crash), Colleen Longo (Cori, West Haven, CA 2012, from the series Girls in My Bedroom; Miranda and Charlotte, Willow Creek, CA 2006, from the series Tenacious Nostalgia), Marsorama (Untitled), Sito Mújica (“Andy Martin” Hedi Slimane), Enrico Nagel (Second Sight #1; Second Sight #8), Federico Nessi (Pyi’s Offering), Chuck Nitzberg (Omar; Untitled), Mike Nolan (Blackyellow1890, Sunburn3x), Paco y Manolo (Enok, from the series Tres Tristes Tigres), Claudio Parentela (Painting #1016), Miguel Angel Reyes (Mr. Tony Ward), Robert W. Richards (Staircase), Mauricio A. Rodriguez (Diego 2; Diego 4), Dan Romer (Span), Christopher Schulz (Mopping is Stealing; Mopping is Stealing), Socatoba (Animal’s Darknes V; Eroticamente XLVIII), Emma Tapley (Greenbelt; Wuthering Heights/Moby Dick), Thierry Tillier (Night), George Towne (Abandoned Capote House; Isauro with Bike), Petrito Zezus (Only The Horses Can Bring You Back Home Tonight); interview with Aaron Cobbett by William Johnson (“Glitter Ball”); writings by Roy Garrett (five poems), Regina Landi (“Art-Damaged”), Max Steele (“King”), Aaron Tilford (“I’ve Chosen Disco”); pin-up Colton Ford (photo by Aaron Cobbett).


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